Coming Soon: NE Magnolia Protected Bike Lanes

Update: It’s started! The magnitude of the project is now apparent. For the last week there has been a lot of work going on along 21st Avenue West just south of Dravus then North to Gilman Avenue, Seattle Department of Transportation contractor has been sawing the length of the roadway to install the separation barrier. With the traffic cones for construction in place and the roadway down to two lanes each way, the future of this former wide open roadway to a much narrower feeder arterial is here. At Emerson and Gilman marker tabs on the street show that there will be three lanes at the intersection, one for left hand turns, one for traffic going straight, and one along the curb for right hand turns.

SDOT will begin construction of bike facilities along 20th Ave W, Gilman Ave W, W Government Way, and W Emerson Place in September.

The project grows will improve safety and connectivity, and build upon previous investments including the Elliot Bay Trail, and Ship Canal Trail.

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