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Spy Cameras Uber Alles, Down With the Trees

Welcome to WSDOT World

All hail the traffic-surveillance camera. Everything, everyone is offered up in sacrifice to it.

Remarkably we spent centuries without a government, or business, pointing a camera at us and looking over our shoulder and spying on our daily lives. Now there’s a camera everywhere one goes. We’re constantly told, “It’s for your own good, we’re trying to protect you!”

The only thing being protected at this point is government. Surveillance cameras are for government’s own good, what better way to control the population, spying on them 24/7.

It’s repugnant and offensive but there is little protest other than the odd public comment and then the occasional ACLU legal, oh so academic protest that has no tangible effect on the widening web that is being woven to capture as much as possible of the public’s lives.

So it comes as no surprise that heaven and earth are once again going to be moved by government, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), in order to cast another web of surveillance over our lives, this time along multiple sections of the Interstate. The tragedy however is not just the continued loss of freedom, but that 500 trees that add more to the enjoyment and wellbeing of our lives, more than any 500 WSDOT bureaucrats for example ever thought of doing, are to fall victim to the surveillance camera god.

500 trees in one fell swoop are going to be eradicated from the traveling public’s vistas along the interstate. Our “betters,” in this case the managers of WSDOT, have decreed that their administration and management by armchair right is more important than maintaining a healthy environment, and more important than the public’s right to be free from an oppressive government.

For years, and particularly the last few years governments’ federal, state, and local have harangued the public that we must do everything to save the planet. At every quarter regulations have been instituted a plethora of laws and rules demanding that many areas of our lives must be conducted in accordance with the environmental exigencies of our time.

But the hypocrites-in-chief have exempted themselves one more time from the rules they demand the rest of us live by. Don’t touch a blade of grass or dare fell a tree of any size on your own property, but the great all knowing viziers of society can do as they please. It they want to destroy the planet, if they want to make the world a duller and less hospitable place, they’re going to do it.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. There is no critical service that WSDOT is delivering to the state’s highways by layering on more surveillance. It’s time they live their bureaucratic lives consistent with the environmental exigencies that are plaguing all of us. Don’t on the one hand claim that we live in perilous environmental times, and then wholesale destroy the very thing that contributes to staving off the negative effects of climate change – trees!

And really, spare us more of the obnoxious and intrusive surveillance cameras and the poles they are mounted on. A tree is a far better element to keep and even add to the public’s life. All hail the tree, down with the spy culture of government!

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