SDOT’s Lack of Consideration

Friday afternoon at 5 o’clock, and sdot has Dravus Street at 15th Avenue NW down to one lane eastbound, because they’re doing a signal enhancement project.

This reporter stopped and talked to the people from Totem that were working on the project to find out why they would be blocking the street at rush hour.

According to one of Totem’s workers there were apparently some kind of scheduling issues, sdot and the SPD were to have their traffic control people onsite but didn’t do so on time causing delay in the project’s completion time.

Okay, we can buy into that, but what about this other part of the project? Look at the picture. The worker is washing all the residue and the concrete dust that accumulated on the street as a result of all the concrete sawing that they were doing, down the street into the storm drain system!

We’re exhorted regularly by the City that we shouldn’t put anything down the storm drains except for maybe storm water! And here’s the City on the other hand washing this sludge down into the storm drain.

Whose idea was it at sdot that this was an acceptable way to dispose of the waste from this job?

Well, it’s just more of the lack of consideration that sdot and the City in general displays towards citizens, incuding causing inconvenience and having disregard for the environment.



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