46,000 Signatures Stacks Up to a November Vote on District Elections for Seattle

This was a record setting petition drive campaign in Seattle.  Democracy Workshop collected 40,000 signatures in 43 days.

46,000 signatures

46,000 signatures

Typically initiative signature drives in Seattle take up to six months to collect maybe 32,000 signatures; many fall well short of the necessary signatures needed requirements.

Clearly Democracy Workshop has the organization and labor force to match in order to produce such outstanding results for their client’s project.  Democracy Workshop is proud to have been selected as the exclusive petition circulator.  Seattle Districts Now’s petition drive.

According to Democracy Workshop’s executive director, Elizabeth Campbell, “Seattle Districts Now provides an opportunity for the people of Seattle to truly be represented by their city council.  If the petition passes every neighborhood resident in Seattle will be able to know that they have someone who not only carries their vision and needs to the city council table, but who more importantly is directly accountable to them.  This will be in sharp contrast to how it is now.  Very little of what the City Council currently passes has direct connections to any one neighborhood or community vision or interest.  Instead the connections are to special interests that have the bucks to essentially buy in one form or another City Council votes.  Electing city council members by districts will certainly eliminate that paradigm!  I’m glad that our organization was able to produce those signatures for this important piece of legislation.”

Richard Walther and Janelle Kirk who have expressed similar sentiments, also are taking this opportunity to once again express their appreciation and respect for the Seattle Districts Now organization leaders, “Faye Garneau is the best!  She is a no nonsense business leader, who placed her confidence in Democracy Workshop’s principals to get the job done for the Seattle Districts Now signature drive.  It was an honor to work with her and with the other leaders at the Districts Now campaign.  We wish them and their petition a successful ballot outcome”.Democracy Workshop currently is gathering signatures for several of its own statewide initiatives, and is preparing to circulate another petition shortly in Seattle for the Century Transportation Authority.  www.democracyworkshop.com

Monica Simmons Seattle’s City Clerk with petition check-in team at City Hall 06-11-13

Democracy Workshop principals include Elizabeth Campbell, and Rick Walther and Janelle Kirk, owners of Petition Management Services.  All have worked both sides of the petition circulation business, as circulators and as circulation firm operators; Campbell is active in local and statewide governance and transportation issues, has successfully qualified two initiatives for the ballot in Seattle, Petition Management Services was established 10 years ago and has provided circulation services in the Puget Sound area and statewide in Washington for multiple initiative signature drives.

Democracy Workshop is a registered Washington State non-profit corporation that provides private citizens, community or political organizations, and businesses with a range of services related to producing successful initiative projects, including initiative or referendum drafting, petition circulation, and campaign fundraising services; all the while seeking to take advantage of economies of scale when selecting the projects it undertakes.

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