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This is the first in a series of snapshots from around the city of Seattle that looks at the state of disrepair and ongoing lack of maintenance that pervades the city’s common areas and most of its infrasturcture.  It’s quite easy to go around Seattle and see many areas like the one in the picture, unfortunately.

In contrast the mayor issues now daily bulletins about how he is “involved” in a myriad of events, happenings, and projects of one sort of another and how he is, according to him, doing things that add nothing but value to Seattle.  However, despite spending tens of millions at his disposal for things like a grandiose streetcar line for example, there is in actuality little the man has done to plain old take care of the basics in Seattle.

Seattle in many ways is basically in shambles, with exceptions made for high maintenance constituencies in privileged Seattle neighborhoods.  But even that is getting a bit tenuous.  You cannot continue to spend on non-essentials and expect the essentials to take care of themself.

Rampant swaths of tall grass, weeds, blackberry bushes, trash, cover the city’s common areas, most are run down, not maintained, and what ones are maintained, most of the time the work that is done on them is substandard.

In this election time many things become high-profile subjects for candidates to discuss, but, it would be nice to talk about some of the fundamentals that are not being taken care of in Seattle. It’s all well and good to undertake all sorts of grand projects, like a new arena or, like a new waterfront park and other bay side attractions, but what about the plain old mowing the lawn, pulling the weeds, and fixing the crumbling concrete – or painting the hundreds of rusty hulk light standards?  Is that too much to ask?

The fact remains that through the years City officials have done less and less to keep up the underlying infrastructure of this city. The roadside areas are just one aspect of this.

Mike McGinn wants to be the mayor again but under his watch the city of Seattle continues to allow its infrastructure to decline and crumble. So I don’t really see that he deserves another term – because he has certainly squandered more than enough money (million$) on studies and the grand visioning that he is engaged in, but what has he done to take care of the basics in Seattle?

In the next days and weeks a series of snapshots from around town will appear on this site, and hopefully it will highlight and strike people that yes, why is it our elected officials should get ongoing terms in office when they don’t even take care of the things they’re supposed to take care of?

The answer from this author’s perspective is that they shouldn’t get additional terms. It’s time for some new blood in Seattle governance structure, it is time for new elected people who actually do things that improve the quality of life, and aren’t all about initiating grand projects and grand visioning efforts that 99 percent of the time go nowhere but consume millions of taxpayer dollars that could go for more important things!

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